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Road accident with a Ukrainian bus in Poland on January 27: The media reported a large number of casualties

ByJohn Newman

Jan 27, 2024

incident with a bus carrying Ukrainians – then only 2 people suffered minor injuries, but today the situation is less optimistic.

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Accident with a Ukrainian bus in&n bsp; Poland January 27: The media reported a large number of casualties

Photo – telegraf.com.ua

About how many of our fellow citizens suffered as a result of an accident that occurred early this Saturday morning at the Polish-Ukrainian border in the Lublin Voivodeship, writes NBN, citing information posted by the local portal RMF-24.

As it became known, on this bus, on the route from Ukraine to Poland, there were 59 passengers and 2 drivers, but, due to unclear circumstances, possibly due to unfavorable weather conditions, this vehicle did not enter the turn, and ;turned over on its side.

As a result of the incident, 20 injured Ukrainians were promptly hospitalized and sent to medical institutions in Tomaszow-Lubelski, Hrubeszow and Zamosc. In addition, the remaining passengers have already been placed in a school on the territory of Dolgobychev until another bus is found for them.

Earlier, we wrote about the fact that on the 20th of today in Kiev there was a fatal accident involving a small car .


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