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Russia’s convening of the UN Security Council due to the shelling of Belgorod: representatives of Ukraine’s partner countries commented on the incident

Yesterday, December 30, a series of explosions occurred in the Russian Belgorod – the air defense of the aggressor country was triggered by supposedly Ukrainian missiles, and as a result of falling debris, 22 local residents were killed, and another 100 were injured, due to why the Russian Federation suddenly decided to convene the UN Security Council and discuss the situation.

Russia's convocation of the UN Security Council due to the shelling of Belgorod: representatives of Ukraine's partner countries commented on the incident

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NBN writes about the fact that only Russia and the Kremlin dictator Vladimir Putin should be blamed for the deaths of civilian Russians, citing statements by representatives of Ukraine's allied states published on the official page of the United Nations (UN).

According to Tom Phipps, political coordinator at the UK Mission to the UN, if the Russian Federation hopes that someone will be blamed for the deaths of Russians in the current war, then it needs to start with Putin, who is directly responsible for sending hundreds of thousands of Russian troops to a senseless death. In addition, it was the “second army of the world” that switched to the tactics of indiscriminate attacks on the civilian population of Ukraine, when it was unable to achieve significant successes on the front line.

Permanent Representative of France Nicolas de Riviera has an identical opinion , who pointed out the lack of need to convene the UN Security Council, since the Russian Federation invaded Ukraine and sent its warriors to the territory of another state, shelling peaceful cities and villages of a neighboring country for many months.

De Riviera emphasized:

The convening of today's meeting is a way for the Russian Federation to respond to the meeting organized yesterday at Ukraine's request . Russia, occupying the place of a permanent member, continues to abuse the work of the Security Council.

We previously wrote that the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine reported how many Russian Shaheds were destroyed over Ukraine at night on December 31st.


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