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“Suicide bombers” of Putin’s army: the central nervous system told who is being recruited into the elite “Storm-Gladiator” unit

ByJohn Newman

Feb 3, 2024

Putin’s army, trying to make a breakthrough in several directions of the front in Ukraine, is suffering colossal losses, especially considering the tactics of “meat assaults”, when ex-prisoners or similar dubious individuals are thrown into battle, ignoring the scale their “disposal.”

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About the fact that, in accordance with the available information, in the aggressor country, from the convicts recruited for the war with Ukraine, another assault special squad was created, which received the predictable name “Storm-Gladiator,” writes “NBN” , referring to material from the “Center for National Resistance” (CNS).

As it became known, the above-described unit has the status of a privileged semi-secret battalion, formed from several hundred prisoners with combat experience, and designated as “gladiators” » in honor of the ex-general of the 58th Army of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation with the nickname “Spartak”.

In addition, the command of this battalion was assigned to a former policeman convicted of the brutal murder, and was selected to ;a unit of individuals with a high level of physical fitness and experience in serving in security forces, including combat veterans.

Also, at the training ground, “suicide gladiators” are trained together with former “Wagnerites” and  “Kadyrovites” from the SOBR unit “Akhmat”, which is part of the Russian Guard.

Earlier, we wrote about the fact that the UK Ministry of Defense explained the purpose of the Russian Federation to tighten control over the former “Wagnerites” .


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