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Tarnavsky spoke about the progress of the fighting in the area of ​​​​Avdeevka and Marinka

ByJohn Newman

Feb 22, 2024

Over the past 24 hours, on the positions of the defenders located in the operational zone of the OSGV “Tavria”, the Putin army carried out 37 air strikes, carried out 42 clashes and 1,270 shelling from various artillery systems, as well as 90 times attacked with kamikaze drones.

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Tarnavsky spoke about the progress of the fighting in the Avdeevka and Marinka area

Photo – t.me/otarnavskiy

About the fact that the Russian occupation forces are now not stopping to regroup, since they suffered colossal losses during the Avdeevka operation, and at this stage they continue to draw up reserves, including the active use of aviation, but the fighters of the Defense Forces are strengthening their layered defense and are strengthening fresh units, creating new firing positions, writes “NBN”, referring to the Telegram channel of the commander of the OSGV “Tavria” Brigadier General Alexander Tarnavsky.

According to Tarnavsky, in the zone controlled by the OSGV “Tavria” , the “second army of the world” concentrates its key activity in the Donetsk region—on the Avdeevsky sector of the front, the defenders of our country, over the past 24 hours, successfully repelled 19 assaults by invaders at Stepnoye, Lastochkino, Severny, Pervomaisky and Nevelskoye.

Also, in the Maryinsky direction, the Ukrainian army continues to hold back the “liberators” in the vicinity of Georgievka, Pobeda and Novomikhailovka.

In addition, on the Zaporozhye sector of the front, Ukrainian soldiers repelled 8 enemy attacks near Rabotino, where the occupiers are trying to carry out offensive actions using the tactics of small assault groups, that is, again attracting ATVs, 3 of which were “utilized” by the Ukrainian Armed Forces in the past 24 hours.

In addition to all of the above, warriors of the terrorist state, in the last 24 hours alone, they will not be counted (except for 5 warehouses with ammunition):

  • 515 in “manpower”;
  • 4  tanks;
  • 14 armored vehicles;
  • 8 artillery systems/MLRS/ATGM;
  • 20 units of cargo and special equipment;
  • 328 drones of various types.

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