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The head of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine told what weapons allow the invaders to advance at the front

The head of the Ministry of Defense Rustem Umerov named the weapon thanks to which the “second army of the world” is advancing at the front, calling on Ukraine’s partners to strengthen our air defense.

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The head of the defense department, together with Foreign Minister Dmitry Kuleba, took part in a meeting of the EU Council on the situation in Ukraine, NBN reports.

During his speech, Umerov said that this year the Russian Armed Forces launched thousands of missiles, kamikaze drones and aerial bombs across our country. In particular, the enemy resorted to the unprecedented use of KABs weighing up to 1.5 tons. According to the minister, it is these weapons that allow Putin’s army to advance at the front.

The head of the Ministry of Defense thanked the states that transferred or reported their readiness to provide air defense systems to Kyiv. The official emphasized that air defense systems can become a decisive factor in the protection of airspace, save thousands of lives of Ukrainians and help defenders repel an attack by Russians.

Earlier, Ukraine's permanent representative to the UN Sergei Kislitsa told how many missiles, attack UAVs and KABs there are Russian troops have been deployed across our country since the beginning of the year.

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