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Which Ukrainians are nominated for an Emmy?

The Ukrainian studio “KWA Sound Production” received great honor and recognition by becoming a nominee for the prestigious Emmy Award. This good news was announced by Goskino, which proudly announced that the experts of the American television awards recognized the high level of work of the Ukrainian studio in the field of sound design, writes WomanEL.

KWA Sound Production specializes in creating sound for films and TV series, and their exceptional talent was recognized during the work on the sound editing of the television series “Reservation Dogs”, which gained great popularity under the direction of Taika Waititi.

Anastasia Prikhodko showed rare shots of her little son Minimalism and environmental friendliness in office design: fashion trends 2024 KWA Sound Production from Ukraine entered the world cinema club, receiving a well-deserved Emmy Award nomination. Source: facebook.com/ukrainefilmagency

The KWA Sound Production team is nominated for the 75th Emmy Award in the category “Outstanding Sound Editing for a Comedy or Drama Series and Animation (2023 )”,

reported the State Film Agency of Ukraine.

Accompanying the announcement of the news, the agency’s press service posted photographs of studio representatives proudly holding the Ukrainian flag in front of the award’s advertising banner in Los Angeles.

The Emmy Awards ceremony is expected to take place in a matter of days – on the night of January 16th. Ukrainians hold their fists for the KWA Sound Production team, wishing them victories and further achievements on the world cinematography stage.

By the way, dresses from the Ukrainian brand recently appeared on the cover of the glossy magazine Bazaar.

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