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   Should We Leave Iraq to the United Nations?


Should We Leave Iraq to the United Nations?

by Peter Stern

There must be a better way to get out of Iraq than to relinquish our control to an inept and often corrupt UN.
Many Americans want the US to leave Iraq, ASAP. There even is a petition being pushed by the liberal organization, Move-On, to let the United Nations take over the Iraq reconstruction. Talk about a catastrophe waiting to happen! While it's easy to comprehend why many want the US to get out of Iraq, there must be a better way to do it than to relinquish our control to an inept and often corrupt UN.

Quite frankly, and realistically, the UN couldn't fight its way out of a paper bag. Furthermore, the UN organization is notorious for its lack of peace-keeping capability and inability to take control of crisis situations when needed. Were it not for the ongoing military, political, and financial support of the United States, the UN would have crumbled into non-existence decades ago. (Heck, we even provide its headquarters, right here in the good ol' USA. Ever wonder why we still do that?)

The fact of the matter is, most Mid-East countries despise the US, yet that doesn't stop them from accepting endless streams of American taxpayer and corporate contributions, provided via our monetary foreign aid, products, and services. The UN Mid-East countries veto US proposals and resolutions 70 to 80 percent of the time.

It is even arguable that much of the money spent by terrorist groups for their global destructive activities comes in large part from American dollars we provide--and that includes the 9/11 travesty in NYC and Washington, DC. In essence, we are providing terrorist organizations with the resources to eliminate ourselves.

Currently the US is working with Iraqi special interests to ensure that our investments there remain secure. If we were to leave tomorrow, the lives and money we invested would be lost, and we still would be at risk of further terrorist attacks.

As we proceed, we need to be asking ourselves:

  • Why do we continue to support the governments of the Mid-East?
  • Why does the US remain a large supporter of the United Nations?
  • Why hasn't the Bush administration pursued punishment for Saudi Arabia, since most of those terrorists involved in the 9/11 activities were citizens or held ties to that nation?
  • Why does the US continue to send millions of American dollars to the very same Mid-East countries that hate us so much and continue to harm us by using our own money, products, and services to defeat and annihilate us?
These are some very good questions that require some very good responses from the Bush administration. In essence we are killing ourselves, and as a nation, we need to consider changing the dynamics of this reality. A first step toward that goal is to provide a tangible and responsible plan and timeline to turnover the governing of Iraq to its people, and to return American soldiers without further incident.
Peter Stern writes from Driftwood, Texas.

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This story was published on April 16, 2004.
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