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To Lou Dobbs at CNN

If "smarter than we are" people would take a look around they would realize what bad shape this country is actually in.
Dear Lou Dobbs:

In the past, I have watched your program regarding exporting American jobs. Despite all your efforts, this is just not stopping--or even slowing down.

As I write this, a company in the Tampa Bay area is forcing early retirement and laying off tech workers in preparation of sending all these jobs to India. Since this company is Verizon, I, personally, am angry. We have our phone service with them (local and long distance), cell phone, and internet service (DSL).

The management feels fine with taking all the money out of this area. How would they feel if all their customers knew about this and we all went to another service, or services, which would probably be necessary to have our services provided by American workers. And I might add that this is what many of us want.

The tech employees still working there and facing the axe are afraid to say anything because this no doubt would make them NEXT.

It is not right to lay off or retire a tech person who has been loyal for 29 years and send that job to another country to build an economy there. I am sure that people in other countries are capable of building an economy, and there are many ways that they can obtain funds to help them on their way. Additionally, it is not likely that Verizon or any other company is really interested in the building of an economy for another country, they are just wanting to take advantage of cheap labor. Once these countries have a flourishing economy, the cost of hiring workers there will rise just as it did in our own economy.

I know people in other states who have been out of work for years. This action by Verizon is insignificant when you take a look at how many other companies have done the exact same thing to their workers and our economy. It started with the elimination of people working on production lines in factories and now it has moved up as far as the tech workers. This is a monumental problem. What is wrong with the heads of companies, are they blind?

How in the world did people so stupid get to be heads of companies and in high government positions? You just don't tear down the house that you built!

If these "smarter than we are" people would take a look around they would realize what bad shape this country is actually in. Just a trip to the Walmart will tell them. All the goods are from China and many of the young women who work there are already missing front teeth--the building blocks of health! All the signs of deterioration are everywhere you look, but apparently the decision-makers are so blinded by power that they cannot see them.

How do we get back to being the strong economy that we once were, where everybody had a job and took pride in goods that we produced? I am originally from North Carolina, and we used to produce tons of textiles and furniture. And I might add, these were quality goods, the like of which I do not see now. I can remember crisp, smooth sheets. What in the hell is with Egyptian cotton anyway? I personally hate wrinkles, and I am sure not going to start ironing bedclothes now.

I am sick and tired of things that fall apart--both soft goods and hard goods.
I am sick and tired of things that fall apart--both soft goods and hard goods. Even Maytag has lost its quality. My new 4-month-old Maytag washer has already had two new parts. On the internet, I found that there had already been a class action suit against Maytag for their leaky front-loaders. Their great reputation is gone! The way things are going with the washer that I just bought leads me to believe that I may have to participate in the next class action against them.

In the last 15 years, we have needed to buy 3 water softeners, 3 ovens, 4 vacuum cleaners, 5 carpet cleaners, 2 washing machines, 3 dishwashers, 3 in-sink disposals, 2 toasters, 3 coffee makers, 3 TVs, and heaven only knows the things that I no longer remember replacing. I am all for repairs, and have spent a lot of money on repairs, but at some point you realize that spending more money on a dying product is just not sensible. Since there are only two people in my household, our belongings are not being over-used and they should not be wearing out time and time again. Is America destined to become the country with the biggest trash heap?

I would start making my own clothes, but I would probably have to replace or repair my sewing machine as soon as I got started sewing. Additionally, I doubt that I could find any American-made fabrics.

If everybody who consumes products made elsewhere, which are most goods, would cease to buy anything for a few months, maybe the heads of companies would be so shocked by the bottom line that they would take a look at what they are doing to our country.

If anyone knows how to start a movement to make the changes necessary to get us back to where we once were, before the big giveaway by executives and government officials, please tell us. I will be happy to do my part--or more than my part.

And Lou, thanks for reading my rant. However, I am a very stubborn person, so this will not stop here!
Nell Liquorman writes from Crystal Beach, FL.

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This story was published on August 28, 2006.