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08.20 Death, blackouts, melting asphalt: ways the climate crisis will change how we live

08.20 Amazon under fire for new packaging that cannot be recycled [ALL NON-RECYCLABLE PACKAGING MUST BE ILLEGAL]

08.19 The Trump administration tried to bury a climate study on ... rice? [CO2 increase causes decrease in nutrition from rice and other crops. Trump chose to bury the story because it contradicts his ignorance.]

08.19 Give Your Yard Back to Nature

08.19 Australia is third largest exporter of fossil fuels behind Russia and Saudi Arabia

08.16 Planting the Seeds for Dramatic Changes in Agriculture [6:19 video]

08.16 Microplastics ‘significantly contaminating the air’, scientists warn

08.15 The rain in Spain: how an ancient Arabic technique saves Alicante from floods

08.15 40% of US honeybee colonies disappeared last year. This is what the world would look like without any bees at all.

08.15 Fracking Boom in US and Canada Largely to Blame for 'Massive' Rise of Global Methane Levels: Study [Will there be mass-murder criminal charges? With Trump-appointed judges allow criminal or civil-cases be fairly adjudicated?]

08.14 “Kochland” Examines the Koch Brothers’ Early, Crucial Role in Climate-Change Denial [For their gravestones, what best summarizes the vast death of life across the globe these two brothers have wrought?]

08.14 GM, VW Say They Won’t Build Hybrids Or Plug-in Hybrids, Only Battery Electric Cars

08.14 eHang Wants To Start An eVTOL Service In Guangzhou Soon [7:31 video]

08.14 Tesla Model 3 = 3rd Best Selling Vehicle In The Netherlands In July

08.14 China Is Leading The World To An Electric Future: Four Takeaways From My Recent Visit

08.14 India Approves Subsidy For 5,595 Electric Buses Across 64 Cities

08.14 The Earth is in a death spiral. It will take radical action to save us

08.14 North Pole: multiple lightning strikes follow record-low sea ice levels

08.13 Tree-damaging pests pose ‘devastating’ threat to 40% of US forests

08.13 Playing Role of Pesticide 'Cheerleader,' EPA Rebukes Calif. With Ban on Warning Labels for Roundup

08.13 Regenerative Agriculture Is Key for a Sustainable Climate and Food System

News Media Matters

08.19 Media Blackout on Brazil’s Anti-Bolsonaro Protests

08.15 Why Bernie Sanders Is Absolutely Correct About the Washington Post—and Corporate Media Overall [7:51 video]

08.11 Guess who said it: Tucker Carlson or a far-right shooter [How have Fox News and similar excretory news sources become such profitable engines of hate? They foment fear of people different than ‘you’ as the problem, and sell evisceration of ‘them’ as the solution. It’s all neatly packaged to make ‘you’ feel safer.]

08.09 'What Oligarchy Looks Like': Sanders Leads 140 Lawmakers in Condemning Trump Plan to Rip Food Stamps From 3 Million Americans [Why isn't this story covered in corporate media?]

Daily: FAIR Blog
The Daily Howler

US Politics, Policy & 'Culture'

08.20 Kamala Harris, Who Just Clarified Her Rejection of Real Medicare for All, to Snub Climate Forum in Favor of Big Donors [Bye Bye, Kamala]

08.20 'I can't breathe': NYPD fires officer who put Eric Garner in chokehold

08.20 Caged alone 24 hours a day, denied medicine: lawsuit claims 'torture' in US migrant jails [Another triumph of ignorant beliefs]

08.20 Planned Parenthood withdraws from federal program over Trump rule [Another triumph of ignorant beliefs]

08.19 America Wasn’t a Democracy, Until Black Americans Made It One

08.19 America holds onto an undemocratic assumption from its founding: that some people deserve more power than others.

08.19 Sanders unveils proposal for massive overhaul of criminal justice system

08.18 Memo reveals a House Republican strategy on shootings: downplay white nationalism, blame left

08.18 In order to understand the brutality of American capitalism, you have to start on the plantation.

08.18 The misogyny Steve King embodies is very much in the DNA of the Republican party [Society has become an embarassing...mess...from media outlets and politicians spewing outrageous hate and warped opinion.]

08.18 Trump's Statue of Bigotry is not Cuccinelli's first neo-Confederate assault [Is everyone in the Trump Administration a racist bigot?]

08.18  400 years of slavery: 400 years since slavery: a timeline of American history

08.18  400 years of racism: Portland rally: Proud Boys vow to march each month after biggest protest of Trump era [1:15 video]

Justice Matters

08.20 The supreme court's pro-gun radicalism puts us all in the crosshairs [America's Confederate cancer...]

08.16 The FBI could fight far-right violence if they wanted to – but they don't

08.15 Fracking Boom in US and Canada Largely to Blame for 'Massive' Rise of Global Methane Levels: Study [Will there be mass-murder criminal charges? With Trump-appointed judges allow criminal or civil-cases be fairly adjudicated?]

High Crimes vs. Human Rights
Economics & Corrupt Capitalism

08.19 The end of capitalism has begun [3:33 video]

08.15 Military Spending: Ignoring the $738 Billion Elephant in the Room

International & Futurism

08.20 UK privately appeals to senior Australian ministers for climate action

08.18 Scott Morrison's betrayal of the Pacific was immoral – and completely unnecessary [Inaction will bring death and suffering]

08.18 ‘Our people are dying’: Australia’s climate confrontation in the Pacific

08.18 Hong Kong: hundreds of thousands join protest in pouring rain

08.18 Bangladesh fire leaves 10,000 homeless after blaze razes slum [1:19 video]

08.15 US moves to block release of Iranian vessel in Gibraltar

08.13 The Museum Is the Refugee’s Home [Think about it: refugees—excluding bad criminal types—are naturally the best new citizens because they'll fight like hell for a better life.]

08.13 Hong Kong protests: airport suspends flights for second day [0:45 video]

08.11 Trump's influence is spreading like a virus

08.11 The very idea of a united kingdom is being torn apart by toxic nationalism

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  Who's To Debate? Not Ehrlich.
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Who's To Debate?

SOURCE: Chronicle Staff
On Oct. 14, Ehrlich and O'Malley finally met for two debates--but neither of them included the Green Party gubernatorial candidate, Ed Boyd.
The democratic process demands an informed electorate, and this in turn demands opportunities for voters to compare and contrast candidates. Over the years, to their shame, there have been candidates (usually incumbents) who have refused to participate in this process. After all, their thinking must go, why give challengers a chance to knock them down a peg? They already have the advantage of incumbency, after all, so why take a chance?

On Oct. 4, Gov. Bob Ehrlich announced that Friday, Oct. 13 would be the last date for which he would consider debating his opponent, Mayor Martin O'Malley. Further, he turned down all venues suggested by his opponent. Only after the O'Malley campaign made known to the media that Ehrlich had taken this stance did the Ehrlich campaign come up with a debate offer that stayed close to their announced guideline: There will be only one "debate," and it won't even be live. Instead, it will be pre-recorded on Oct. 14 and aired at 7 p.m. on Monday, Oct. 16.

The two candidates have appeared together to debate only twice before, at the AARP Forum and the Maryland Disabilities Candidates Forum. Both of these events were held before the election really heated up. Now that the public's paying more attention, one would think that all candidates would be delighted to put their platforms before the public as often as possible, and before live audiences.

The O'Malley people have pursured this goal; Ehrlich's have not. During the summer, the O'Malley side proposed to the Ehrlich side that the two candidates take part in five debates (plus two for the Lieutenant Governor candidates, Kristen Cox and Anthony Brown, respectively the running mates of Ehrlich and O'Malley). No written response arrived from Ehrlich's campaign staff, but they did finally get together on September 1 to hammer out an agreement for two TV debates and one debate on the radio. O'Malley's people say they attempted three times over the past five weeks to elicit agreement as to venues, sponsors, and dates for these agreed-upon events, but received no response--until after they went public with their complaint that the Ehrlich people weren't being cooperative.

On Oct. 4, Ehrlich's campaign rejected all proposed debate venues suggested by the O'Malley campaign, including WJZ Channel 13, week of October 16 or after; WMDT 47 in Salisbury, MD, week of October 16 or after; Maryland Public Television, week of October 23; NAACP 2006 Gubernatorial Debate on October 24 at 7 p.m. at Carl Murphy Fine Arts Center, Morgan State University; and WTOP’s “The Politics Program” with Mark Plotkin, week of October 30. The Ehrlich campaign did not accede to a WJZ event until after the O'Malley campaign went public.

No matter what a voter's political party affiliation or political beliefs might be, all should be appalled at the high-handedness of Ehrlich's stance. If Ehrlich's staff didn't like the choices proposed by the O'Malley staff, they should have beeen proposing alteratives and coming to a compromise that can serve the public interest. One pre-recorded encounter airing at 7 p.m. on a Monday night doesn't cut it.

Politics, after all, is all about the art of compromise. At least, that's true in a free and democratic society.

We urge readers of all political persuasions to contact the Ehrlich campaign and ask for more debates: visit his website at
This editorial was revised on Oct. 5, 2006 to take into account the new information regarding the WJZ broadcast.

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This story was published on October 4, 2006.

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