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The National Bank eases restrictions for the population and business

Нацбанк пом'якшує обмеження для населення та бізнесу

The National Bank is easing a number of restrictions for the population and business in order to simplify the receipt of financial assistance by Ukrainians, increase the possibility of exporting and importing electricity, and also ensure compliance with the rights of foreigners to receive medical care in Ukraine.

As Ukrinform reports, the NBU press service reported this.

Starting from December 29, 2023, payment service providers will be able, on the basis of a certificate of provision of documents for obtaining a passport of a citizen of Ukraine, to pay cash assistance from international humanitarian organizations and other non-governmental institutions to Ukrainians affected by a full-scale war. The changes concern cash payments in the national currency of Ukraine. Previously, it was possible to receive assistance received by an individual only on the basis of a passport of a citizen of Ukraine or another identification document that could be used to conclude transactions on the territory of Ukraine.

The Ukrainian operator of the electric energy transmission system (NEK Ukrenergo) has also been given the opportunity to transfer funds to the European office for the distribution of capacity at interstate crossings, the Joint Allocation Office (JAO), for carrying out a joint coordinated distribution of capacity. The corresponding changes will help ensure the import of electricity in sufficient quantities in the event of damage to Ukraine's energy infrastructure as a result of attacks from Russia, as well as the export of electricity in the event of a surplus in Ukraine.

In addition, the list of exceptions to the ban on conducting debit transactions on the accounts of residents of the Russian Federation and the Republic of Belarus who are legally located on the territory of Ukraine has been supplemented with transactions for payment of medical services in healthcare institutions.

The above changes were made by Resolution of the Board of the National Bank of Ukraine dated December 28, 2023 No. 195 “On amendments to the Resolution of the Board of the National Bank of Ukraine dated February 24, 2022 No. 18”, which comes into force on December 29, 2023.

As Ukrinform reported, from December 1, 2023, the National Bank softened foreign exchange restrictions for businesses and citizens, in particular, it abolished all restrictions for banks and non-bank financial institutions on the volume of their possible sale of cash foreign currency to the public.


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