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A dispute is brewing between Ukraine and the United States: WP named the reasons and consequences for the front

 A dispute is brewing between Ukraine and the United States: WP named the causes and consequences for the front

During the Munich Security Conference in February, Zelensky was angered by the US request not to hit Russian refineries.

US officials believe that Ukrainian strikes on Russian oil refineries will lead to higher global energy prices and increase the number of Russian retaliatory attacks. The fact that Ukraine is not holding back from attacks is exacerbating tensions with America.

This is reported by The Washington Post.

The US call not to target Russian refineries, made during the Munich security conference in February, angered Zelensky and his top aides, officials said. They said the Ukrainian president rejected the recommendation, unsure whether it reflected the Biden administration's position.

But in the following weeks, Washington reinforced that reservation in numerous conversations with Kiev, including National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan, who visited the Ukrainian capital in March, and other senior US defense and intelligence officials.

However, rather than acquiesce to the US request, Ukraine has doubled down on its strategy, striking a number of Russian targets, including an April 2 attack on Russia's third-largest oil refinery. The incidents have heightened tensions in tense relations as Kiev waits to see whether it will accept Congress has long-delayed a $60 billion aid package while Russian troops break through Ukrainian positions along the entire front line,” the article says.

The authors of the publication note that long-term Ukrainian attacks disabled at least 10 percent of the capacity of Russian oil refineries. This comes as President Biden ramps up his re-election campaign and global oil prices reach a six-month high.

Supporters of Ukraine in the United States accuse the White House of prioritizing domestic politics over Kyiv's military goals.

Remember , Foreign Minister Dmitry Kuleba responded to the US call to stop attacking Russian refineries.

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