• 22/04/2024 21:12

Currency restrictions: what the NBU will allow Ukrainians in 2024

 Currency restrictions: which will allow the NBU to Ukrainians in 2024

First of all, this is permission to repatriate new dividends.

Currency restrictions in Ukraine, which The National Bankwas introduced immediately after the full-scale invasion of the Russian Armed Forces, and is gradually being abolished.

Deputy head of the NBU Sergei Nikolaychuk said this in an interview with Forbes.

“In the near future we are going to return to those elements of the first stage of the roadmap that have not yet been closed. First of all, this is permission to repatriate new dividends, which, in our opinion, may create grounds for additional capital inflow into the country in the medium term. If we talk about the possibility of servicing its external debts, so in the near future, I hope, we will be able to have reasons to consider easing there too,” Nikolaychuk said.

He also noted that the National Bank takes into account macro-financial prerequisites before introducing changes, and the implementation of the road map depends on how from international support and from the situation in the foreign exchange market, which is influenced by large exporting players.

Previously, the National Bank softened foreign exchange restrictions on the sale of non-cash foreign currency to citizens.


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