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Gas tariff in Ukraine: how much will a cubic meter cost from May 1

 Gas tariff in Ukraine: how much will a cubic meter cost from May 1

Tariffs will remain stable.

The annual tariff expires in April 2024 ongasfor end consumers, offered by Naftogaz and other suppliers. From May, the current tariff will remain unchanged: a cubic meter of gas will cost UAH 7.96 from the leading supplier.

OBOZ.UA writes about this.

According to the publication, there are no intentions to increase tariffs yet for gas Despite the possibility of increasing tariffs within the framework of current legislation, such decisions will not be made.

Almost 98% of Ukrainians are clients of the gas supply company Naftogaz of Ukraine and buy natural gas at a guaranteed price of 7.96 hryvnia per cubic meter. Those who repay their utility debts on time can pay the minimum amount for gas.

As reported by Naftogaz, the possible discount is 1%. To get it, you need to pay gas using the online service before the 15th. That is, if you pay for gas that you used in February before March 15, then your payment in April (for March) will have a discount of 1%.

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In Ukraine over the past year there has been a significant increase in the cost of housing and communal services. The State Statistics Service reported that on average tariffs increased by 13%.

First of all, the price of electricity – the tariff for consumers increased by 69.7%, reaching 2.64 hryvnia per kWh. Previously, by June 2023, prices were 1.44 hryvnia per kWh for consumption up to 150 kWh per month and 1.68 hryvnia per kWh subject to a larger volume of consumption.

Except for electricity , the services for garbage collection (by 8.7%), management of apartment buildings (by 2.7%), sewerage (by 0.7%) and water supply (by 0.8%) increased in price.

Earlier it became known that in Ukraine they should increase tariffs for gas, heating and hot water. In 2024, Ukrainians paid for gas, hot water and heat at the same rates as last year. However, after the lifting of the moratorium, which may occur in 2025, price increases cannot be avoided.


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