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In Ukraine, payments have been canceled for some displaced people: who will be affected by the changes from March 1

 In Ukraine, payments have been canceled for some displaced people: who will be affected by the changes from March 1

Some Ukrainian displaced people will lose the right to cash assistance from the state.

In Ukraine from March 1, 2024, some internally displaced persons (IDPs) will lose the right to payments from the state. Thus, cash assistance will be provided only to certain categories of internally displaced persons.

At the end of January 2024, the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine adopted a corresponding resolution.

Radio Liberty writes about this.

Until July 2023, assistance to IDPs was provided indefinitely and was paid even to those who went to live abroad or returned to their homes in the temporarily occupied territories.

Then the government began to change the rules for providing assistance to displaced people. It determined that only those who meet certain property criteria and apply for help after August 1, 2023 will receive financial support. That is, the displaced people of the “first wave” and those who left during the full-scale invasion, but until August 2023, will now not receive funds for living expenses – with the exception of the most vulnerable categories of citizens.

“We are directly tied to the decisions of our partners. Partners make demands to constantly verify payments in order to reduce or optimize them. The point is that, according to international standards, two years is enough to adapt,” explained Irina Vereshchuk, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Reintegration Issues at BOT.

According to the Ministry of Social Policy, 2.6 million displaced people are currently receiving assistance from the budget (out of 5 million people who generally have this status). Of these, almost 1.3 million are of working age. However, only about 40% of them are currently working.

From March 1, 2024, benefits will be automatically assigned for six months to the most vulnerable categories of displaced persons – those who are unable to work:

  • pensioners whose pension as of 01/01/2024 does not exceed UAH 9,444;
  • people with disabilities of group I or II, children with disabilities under the age of 18, seriously ill children;
  • orphans and children deprived of parental care under the age of 23, as well as parent-educators and foster parents .

The amount of payments remains unchanged: 3 thousand hryvnia for children and people with disabilities and 2 thousand for everyone else.

Which of the IDPs, those who apply for help from August 2023 will receive the following payment:

People in this group will have their property and social status checked: not everyone will receive help, but only those who meet the new criteria. They need to submit an application for the assignment of payments to the CNAP or to the social security department. Documents confirming one of these statuses should be added to the application:

  • IDP families who have moved (or moved again) since January 1, 2022 and have an income below 9444 hryvnia per person;
  • families with children under 14 years of age living in a zone of active or potential hostilities;
  • families with children under 14 years of age living in relatively safe regions of Ukraine, but in these settlements there is no opportunity to send the child to kindergartens, and schooling takes place in an online or mixed format;
  • families where one of family members are caring for a person with a group I disability, or a child with a disability under the age of 18, or a seriously ill child (according to a separate list);
  • young children under 14 years of age who arrived unaccompanied by their parents (at the request of a relative);
  • pregnant women, starting from the 30th week of pregnancy.

At the Ministry of Social politicians note: all able-bodied family members, except those looking after children or the infirm, must either work or register with the employment service within a month from the date of assignment of assistance. If this is not done, assistance will be stopped for the entire family.

Which of the displaced persons will be left without financial assistance

When submitting documents for payments, government agencies will check the property status of displaced persons. And help will be denied to those families in which, within three months before applying, at least someone has committed certain actions or meets the following criteria:

  • purchased a car under the age of five;
  • < li>one-time payment for work or services in the amount of more than 100 thousand hryvnia;

  • acquired real estate, land, long-term consumer goods, foreign currency or bank metals, securities – in the amount of over 100 thousand hryvnia;
  • has funds or domestic government loan bonds in a deposit account for a total amount of more than 100 thousand hryvnia ;
  • owns habitable housing with an area of ​​at least 13.65 square meters per family member in a territory where hostilities are not ongoing and not temporarily occupied;
  • purchased housing for account of monetary compensation from the state or local budget;
  • after moving, he is in full state custody or in prison.

Also, assistance will not be provided to those who, at the time of application, were abroad for more than 30 days in a row or 60 days cumulatively within six months, except for business trips, health improvement and treatment. And also – those convicted of collaboration or put on the wanted list.

After March 1, those who returned to their housing, which is located in temporarily occupied territory, will not receive assistance.

Remember, in Ukraine they will provide subsidies in a new way – what has changed.

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