• 28/02/2024 22:56

The regulator decided which investment companies should be given the right to reserve from mobilization

The National Commission for Securities and Stock Market (NCSM) has established a list of criteria for classifying professional market participants as important, which will allow them to reserve employees from mobilization, Interfax-Ukraine reports.

The regulator has decided which investment companies to give the right to reserve from mobilization

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According to the document, investment companies that have carried out, at their own expense or at the expense of clients, purchase and sale transactions of government bonds in 2023 in the amount of UAH 100 million or more, and asset management companies (AMCs), whose funds have invested in government bonds in 2023 from 30 million UAH.

An alternative for the AMC is to provide in 2023, from the funds it manages, loans related to the defense industry to enterprises in the amount of 100 million UAH.

The commission also identified property managers as important to the market for financing construction projects or carrying out transactions with real estate, if their activities are related to the construction of housing for the needs of the Ministry of Defense or war veterans and their families (subject to confirmation from the relevant government agency).

In addition, the list of important ones includes professional market participants who ensure the formation and functioning of the securities depository accounting system, the formation and functioning of organized capital markets or organized commodity markets.

The enterprise will also be defined as important for market, if it ensures clearing and settlements (organization of settlements) under concluded agreements with financial instruments or products or ensures the functioning of the non-state pension system.

In addition, the list of important ones includes the Agency for the Development of Stock Market Infrastructure as so far the only enterprise on the market operating in the provision of information services.

In the end, enterprises that are issuers and participate in the execution of military orders (subject to confirmation of the relevant government agency) are identified as important.


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