• 28/05/2024 19:07

The EU Council approved a directive to criminalize sanctions evasion

Trade in sanctioned goods will be considered a criminal offense in all EU countries. The maximum penalty is five years in prison. Liga.net reports this.

Council The EU approved a directive to criminalize sanctions evasion

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The Council of the European Union on Friday, April 12, supported the directive on the harmonization of application EU sanctions between member states. The document prescribes uniform formulations of violations for all countries and unified penalties for them, according to the website of the Council of the European Union.

The decision stipulates that all EU countries must recognize as a criminal offense, for example, trade in sanctioned goods or assistance in circumventing a ban on entry into the territory of the European Union for sanctioned persons. Instigation and aiding in the commission of such an offense will also be punished.

Once the directive comes into force, individuals will be subject to the same penalty of up to five years' imprisonment if their actions involve assets worth more than €100,000. Various measures are provided for companies, including monetary and non-monetary (for example, cancellation of permits, deprivation of the right to benefits, judicial liquidation, fines, etc.).


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