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The main thing for January 29: exchange rate forecast, EU plan for Hungary

The EU threatens to hit the Hungarian economy if Orban blocks aid to Ukraine – media

The main thing for January 29: currency rate forecast, EU plan for Hungary

The European Union will sabotage the Hungarian economy if Budapest blocks new aid to Ukraine at a summit this week, the Financial Times writes, citing a confidential plan developed by Brussels. In a document drafted by EU officials, Brussels outlined a strategy aimed at explicitly targeting Hungary's economic weaknesses.

Rates of major currencies for the week: why the euro will be in a fever and what to expect from the dollar

A lot of news and events are expected this week that will significantly affect the behavior of the foreign exchange market in Ukraine. So, the next five days will definitely not be calm.

The Council exempted jewelers from the 10% fee to the Pension Fund

The Verkhovna Rada abolished the 10% levy on compulsory state pension insurance for jewelry sales, which was introduced in the summer of 1997 and brought the budget UAH 591.6 million for the 11 months of last year.

The Ministry of Justice of Ukraine denied filing a lawsuit for the nationalization of Sense Bank and spoke about the content of the request from the ex-owners

The main thing for January 29: exchange rate forecast, EU plan for Hungary

Former shareholder of the Ukrainian Sense Bank, ABH Holdings SA from Luxembourg, for now did not file a lawsuit against Ukraine for nationalizing the bank, it only registered a request for arbitration with the International Center for Resolution of Investment Disputes.

Yasno begins cutting off debtors: the amount of non-payment has reached 3.6 billion

During the moratorium on power outages for the population, the number of consumers-debtors of Yasno increased from 760 thousand to 1252 subscribers – by 65%. The amount of debt reached UAH 3.6 billion (UAH 3,574.48 million).


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