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“Dirty” rain fell in Ukraine: what is it connected with and is it dangerous (photo)

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Residents of the southern regions of Ukraine could observe today «dirty» rain.

This information was reported by the Nikolaev Regional Center for Hydrometeorology, URA-Inform reports.  

On Wednesday, April 24, a «dirty» rain. Forecasters explained that this was due to a cyclone in the Mediterranean Sea, which carried dust and sand from the Sahara to the Balkan Peninsula.

They noted that on April 23, the cyclone carried dust and sand to the Balkan Peninsula. Heavy rains washed away most of it to the territory of Greece and Bulgaria, however, since high-altitude air flows have a westerly transfer, the cyclone from Europe reached the territory of Ukraine.

However, as experts noted, such rain does not harm the health of Ukrainians.

«Rain and wind from the southern quarter contribute to the accumulation of dust and its deposition with precipitation. Preliminary conclusions on the quality of atmospheric air in the city of Nikolaev: exceeding the maximum permissible concentrations of suspended substances (dust) has not been recorded», — told in the center of hydrometeorology.

In addition, the same dirty rains were recorded in the Odessa and Kherson regions.

At the same time, in the «Ukrhydrometcenter&#187 ; noted that dust will remain in the atmosphere over Ukraine until Friday, April 26. And from Friday to Saturday the dust will retreat to the east and the atmosphere will clear.

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