• 14/04/2024 16:53

How Ukraine could defend Avdiivka: Kuleba was seriously reproached by the West

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Many are wondering about the main reason why the Ukrainian Armed Forces left one of the key cities of Donbass, but Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmitry Kuleba decided to answer the question.

This information was reported by CNN, citing Kuleba’s opinion, reports “URA-Inform.”

«If we had all the necessary artillery shells for defense, the city of Avdievka would remain under our control&# 187;, — Kuleba emphasized.

He noted that it is important to understand that while passing legislation to provide assistance to Ukraine is key, sending these resources to the front lines requires time and logistical effort.

«Until this decision is finalized, and given the logistical aspects, our military will continue to defend our land, facing superior Russian forces and risking their lives», — he added.

Kuleba stressed that the main reason why Ukrainian soldiers are forced to make sacrifices is that «someone is still deciding what to do&#187 ;.

«I respect the internal politics of other countries and am not going to interfere in it, but it is important to remember that every day of confrontation in one place brings grief and death elsewhere», — he assured.

Let us remind you what choice Ukraine will have to make without help from the United States: the Pentagon announced the scenario.

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