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“If you didn’t get out of the car, you were shot in the knee”: the military man said what mobilization should be like (video)

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Stuzhenko reported this information in an interview, reports URA-Inform .  

The commander of the 118th brigade, Anatoly Stuzhenko, spoke in favor of stricter mobilization in Ukraine and the provision of greater powers to TCC workers.

He noted that in the matter of mobilization we need to stop playing at democracy, and if necessary, we can even resort to more stringent measures to demonstrate to others what not to do.

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«Believe me, we will play democracy to such a state that soon we, the military, will be pushed with our feet. It must have been like this: I didn’t get out of the car – I got shot in the knee. This is the only way, otherwise we will not win. “Rigid mobilization,” he said.

Otherwise, he said, Ukraine could lose the war, and Russia would use the draft dodgers for future attacks on other countries.

< p>The brigade commander also suggested that men who do not want to fight should wear skirts and help the army in some way.

«If you can’t, you come and you say frankly: I’d rather wear a skirt. I will wear a skirt, but I will sew for the military and do something else. “I’m a man, but I’ll wear a skirt,” said Stuzhenko.


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Recall that it was previously reported that the updated bill on mobilization is already in the Rada: how they propose to punish for refusing to come to the TCC.

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