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Scientists have found out what the death of the Sun will lead to: humanity will have only one way out

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URA-Inform reports about the fate of our solar system after the death of the Sun, citing Space.< /p>

Recent studies using the Webb telescope have clarified the future of the Sun. When the supply of hydrogen in its core is almost exhausted, an evolutionary phase will begin that will lead to important changes in its structure and effects on nearby planets.

Stages of the evolution of the Sun:

1. Expansion Phase: First of all, the Sun will go through an expansion phase. The hydrogen in its core will be exhausted, and the process of burning helium will begin. This will lead to an increase in the size of the Sun, it will become a red giant and will absorb the nearby planets, including Mercury and Venus.

2. Separation of Outer Layers: Later in this process, the outer layers of the Sun will be separated to form a planetary nebula. This will leave behind a white dwarf – a cooled, small object.

3. White Dwarf: The Sun will eventually become a white dwarf, which will slowly cool, emitting light and heat. This process will take billions of years. A white dwarf will become a black dwarf when its residual temperature decreases.

Impact on the solar system:

The evolution of the Sun will undoubtedly affect our solar system. As the Sun expands, the inner planets will be absorbed by its outer layers, including Earth. This will happen in a few billion years, and humanity will likely be long gone from Earth by then.

The Fate of the Earth:

In the long term, the Earth will face major changes. The expansion of the Sun will cause its surface to rise, increasing the temperature on Earth to the point that water vapor cannot remain in the atmosphere. But this will happen in a few billion years.

Recall that time can “go backwards”: scientists talked about a unique experiment.

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