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Significant cooling is coming to Ukraine: where and when will there be frosts?

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Spring warmth has arrived in Ukraine, but the weather will change very soon.

This information was reported weather UNIAN, reports URA-Inform.

Forecaster Igor Kibalchich predicts that frosts will return to Ukraine. According to him, over the past few days there has been warm African air:

«Now we have abnormally warm weather, as for April. It is associated with the removal of warm air from the African region. But already on April 3, the situation in our country will change due to the fact that synoptic processes will change and air flows will prevail from the northwest, – said Igor Kibalchich.

However, the forecaster explained that warm air from Africa will very soon leave the territory of Ukraine and be replaced by cold weather.

«Colder, Scandinavian air will arrive instead . He is moving gradually into our territory. And starting from the western and northern regions, the temperature will drop. On average, by 5-10 degrees this applies to both night and day temperatures», — the forecaster noted.

The forecaster also warned that some regions of Ukraine will be covered by short-term frosts:

«As for frosts, in the period from April 4 to April 6 they are most likely in the northern, central and sometimes eastern regions. But it’s difficult to say how intense they will be. However, if partly cloudy weather prevails, the temperature may drop at night, especially in low-lying areas, along rivers, lakes, and in ravines. It will be cooler there. This could be a decrease to 0…-3 degrees», says Kibalchich.

And, despite the changing weather, the cold will not last long and very soon the spring warmth will return to Ukraine already this week.

«Closer to the weekend, temperatures will rise again both day and night. In some areas it will be recorded at +20 degrees. “And there will be no more frosts and severe cold spells,” concluded Kibalchich.

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