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The Russian Federation launched new assaults: in the Kharkov OVA they told where the fighting broke out this time

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Russia is focused not only on the northern regions of the Kharkov region. Deputy head of the Kharkov OVA Roman Samenukha told where the occupiers decided to resume fighting.

URA-Inform reports this, referring to the telethon.

It became known that the Russian Federation launched new assaults on Kupyansk-Liman direction. During the day, Ukrainian defenders repulsed 16 attacks in this region.

“Active hostilities resumed yesterday. The Russian Federation is trying to advance to Liman Pervoy and Sinkov. The fighting continues,” — Samenukha stated.

It is noted that the new assaults brought only losses to the Russian Federation, no progress.

“The Armed Forces of Ukraine confidently hold their positions on the eastern front of the Kharkov region. There is no threat of a breakthrough,” — summarized the representative of the Kharkov OVA.

It is worth noting that the situation in Volchansk is not so optimistic for Ukraine. Infantry groups of the invaders began to break into the city, but the Ukrainian Armed Forces are not going to retreat. The fighting continues, and the Russian Federation is suffering serious losses.

Recall that Ukraine and the Russian Federation may enter into peace negotiations in a few months: a new forecast for the war has appeared.

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