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The turning point in the war is already beginning: US officials admitted what they expect in the spring

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According to American experts, Ukraine will face a serious shortage of ammunition and air defense equipment by spring.

This information was reported by the American press service ABC, URA-Inform reports.

Sources in the American government, who preferred to remain anonymous, shared information with the above-mentioned television channel. They called the end of March a critical time for the Ukrainian military, especially if Congress does not pass funding for Ukraine.

Another official noted that it is difficult to predict exactly when Ukrainian troops might be in danger of deteriorating, but stressed that the deficit is expected to widen by the spring.

«We are at a point that begins right now, and it will gradually worsen through the spring and summer. Therefore, this period that we are experiencing is critical», — said a US military official.

US officials stressed that Ukraine urgently needs both small and large munitions, including GPS-guided missiles for HIMARS systems.

They also noted that Ukraine continues to need funding to create the infrastructure necessary to support the transferred F-16 fighters, which are planned to be deployed later this year.

Recall that Medvedev spoke about the plans of the Russian Federation: he threatened an attack on Kyiv, and spoke about Odessa.

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