• 22/06/2024 18:07

Ukraine's air defense has serious problems: Western media have found out what is already missing

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This information was reported by the British newspaper The Telegraph, citing the opinion of its specialists, reports URA-Inform “.

Experts note that the Ukrainian Armed Forces will have to strategically select targets for protection due to a lack of supplies of Western air defense systems and related missiles.

«They need to effectively allocate their resources and, perhaps, limit the use of certain systems due to a lack of interceptor missiles. In some cases, they may even be forced to refuse to engage certain targets», — notes military analyst Jimmy Rushton.

Particularly worrying are the deliveries of Patriot interceptor missiles, which are facing delays due to difficulties with American military assistance, the publication emphasizes.

Recall that today only 40% of Russian drones were shot down: the Ukrainian Armed Forces provided details.

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