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Ukrainians can independently calculate the size of their future pension: how to do it

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This information was reported by the PFU press service, URA-Inform reports.

Ukrainians can predict their retirement future and find out the approximate size of the old-age pension based on the data contained in the electronic registers of the Pension Fund of Ukraine.

To do this, it is worth using the service «Pension calculator&# 187;. According to the PFU press service, when calculating, the user can add information about those periods of his work activity that are currently not available in the Fund.

Experts explain that «Pension calculator» calculates the projected amount of the old-age pension in «prices» at the time of calculation: the service does not make assumptions regarding the growth of average wages in Ukraine in subsequent years or the level of inflation.

Also for determining wages «Pension calculator» uses indicators of a person’s salary and average salary at the time of calculation. That is why the calculation of the pension amount in the short term will be more accurate.

Ukrainians can also use the «Pension calculator» calculate a person’s existing insurance experience (by entering all the necessary data on work activity before 01/01/2004) and determine the probable retirement age, taking into account the possible acquired experience (that is, 60, 63 or 65 years).

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