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When and where will the revolution begin in the Russian Federation: the source revealed what report Shoigu made to Putin

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This information was reported by Donpress, citing insiders of the above-mentioned public, reports URA-Inform .

It is noted that the above-mentioned report claims that General of the Russian Armed Forces Mikhail Teplinsky is allegedly involved in planning a military coup in the country. It is reported that the document contains a number of key points presented in the report.

According to Shoigu, the report notes that the proposed coup could occur in March, during or before the presidential elections. It is believed that the attack is planned in several directions. One of them is related to the possible withdrawal of troops from the «Dnepr» under the command of Teplinsky, who must carry out a quick offensive maneuver and seize control of the cities of Dzhankoy, Simferopol and, later, Sevastopol, as well as other strategically important settlements in Crimea. It is also assumed that a significant part of the military personnel on the peninsula will go over to the side of the rebels.

In addition, there is a possibility of an attack on Moscow, during which, according to the source, tanks and other armored vehicles may be used, as well as up to 20-25 thousand military men, allegedly loyal to Teplinsky. It is planned to blockade the Kremlin and other government buildings in Moscow with minimal or no use of violence to seize control of the situation in the capital and in the country.

The report also, according to the «Kremlin snuffbox», contains information about a possible third direction of attack in the area of ​​Rostov-on-Don and the headquarters of the Southern Military District, which, according to the document, was previously easily controlled by figures like Prigozhin.

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