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Zelensky spoke about the correct dynamics in the war: details

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Since the beginning of February this year, the Ukrainian armed forces have shot down 15 Russian military aircraft, of which seven were destroyed only over the past week.

Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky stated this on Facebook, reports URA-Inform.

& #171;Over the past seven days, we have managed to neutralize seven Russian military aircraft, including those that carried out bombings and strikes. Since the beginning of February, we have destroyed 15 Russian military aircraft. This suggests that our actions are bringing results and showing the correct dynamics in enemy losses», — the head of state emphasized.

Zelensky expressed confidence that the more opportunities the Ukrainian army has to shoot down enemy aircraft and destroy Russian logistics, the more Ukrainian lives will be saved.

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«We can continue to successfully shoot down Russian warplanes and destroy even more enemy logistics facilities in occupied territories. But the key role is played by the availability of appropriate weapons, which, I hope, will be transferred to Ukraine by our partners», — he added.

Let us remind you when Ukraine will receive long-range weapons: Estonia has predicted the timing.

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