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The main thing for Saturday, December 30: battles on the left bank of the Dnieper, attacks on Odessa, Kherson and Kharkov, explosions in Belgorod

49 military clashes, enemy shelling, final meeting of Headquarters. How will the 675th day of a full-scale war be remembered?

The main thing for Saturday, December 30: battles on the left bank of the Dnieper, attacks in Belgorod

Kharkov, December 30

The number of victims of yesterday's missile attack on Kiev increased to 17.

The press service of the KMVA reported this late in the evening of December 30. “Rescuers found another dead person. Seventeen. Already seventeen civilian lives have been lost to a missile strike by Russian monsters,” the report says. It is noted that the search operation is still ongoing.

January 1 was declared a day of mourning in Kyiv. Yesterday's attack on Kiev was the largest in terms of the number of victims.

Meanwhile, the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine reported that 49 military clashes took place during the day.

In total, the enemy launched 3 missile and 36 air strikes, carried out 31 attacks from multiple launch rocket systems on the positions of our troops and populated areas.

Russian occupiers once again attacked Ukraine, using X-59 guided missiles against the cities of Dnepr and Odessa and an Iskander missile against Zaporozhye. The Kh-59 guided missile was destroyed by air defense forces and means.

As a result of Russian terrorist attacks, unfortunately, civilians were killed and injured. Private residential and apartment buildings, hospitals, and other civil and industrial infrastructure were destroyed and damaged.

The operational situation in the east and south of Ukraine remains difficult.

The invaders do not give up their intention to dislodge our units from the bridgeheads on the left bank of the Dnieper. During the day, the enemy carried out 11 unsuccessful assault operations, but our units still held their positions and inflicted significant losses on the invaders. .

On the evening of December 30, the enemy launched a missile attack on Odessa, the Defense Forces of southern Ukraine reported.

“From a tactical aircraft that was coming from the Black Sea, it fired an X-59 aircraft guided missile that hit the territory of one of the enterprises,” the report says.

It is noted that people were not injured.

Russia shelled Kherson and Kharkov, killing and wounded.

In Kherson, two casualties are known. In Kharkov, preliminary, there were no deaths, 21 people were injured, among them children and a foreigner.

More information in the news.

President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky held the final meeting of the Headquarters of the Supreme Commander-in-Chief.

Zelensky said that the Headquarters summed up the military results of the year, analyzed the results of combat actions and decisions “what we did right and what we could have done better.”

The President added that taking into account these conclusions, forecasts and capabilities, they determined the strategy for the use of the Defense Forces for the coming year.

Zelensky also said that this year our state has not retreated in any direction.

In Odessa, the number of victims of the Russian massive attack on December 29 increased to five.

According to the head of the Odessa Regional State Administration Oleg Kiper, a 77-year-old man died in the hospital.

“The doctors did everything possible. He received serious injuries as a result of an enemy missile hitting a three-story building in the center of Odessa,” said Kiper.

A night drone attack on military targets in several regions of the Russian Federation The Ukrainian Defense Forces are involved, a public source in the intelligence services was told.

More than 70 drones of various types were used in the attack. Explosions were heard in Moscow, Belgorod, Tula, and Tver. The loudest was in Bryansk, where a group of drones hit the Kremnoy El plant, which is one of the largest manufacturers of electronics for Russian military equipment, including long-range missiles and Pantsir air defense systems.

According to interlocutors, Russian air defense was able to shoot down a certain part of the drones, but a significant number of them were effective on targets.

“Unlike Russian terrorist attacks on the territory of Ukraine, the Security Forces and defense carried out strikes exclusively on enemy military targets,” the sources noted.

Defense forces launched several missile attacks on military targets in Belgorod.

The most complete picture of today is on our website. We hope that tomorrow there will be more good news.

Let's hold on and bring Victory closer!


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