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Klitschko announced a decision to provide housing for the displaced

The mayor of Kiev Vitaly Klitschko sent animal control to the Supreme Court for the sake of and along with the proposals for good The same problems live for internal movements of individuals. Zokrem, having introduced the norm about the free transfer of part of the apartments in the built-up buildings of the community.

RBC-Ukraine reports about this via submission to the KMDA website.

“In 2011, the Verkhovna Rada made arrangements for the transfer of part of the living space, besides the share contribution, and in 2021, the same was concerned. This prevented the local self-government bodies from being able to provide housing The Power has approved the Strategy of the Power Policy for Higher Educational Institutions and the operational plan for approaching its implementation “In order to implement them, it is necessary to make changes to a whole range of laws and regulations,” Klitschko said.

The mayor of Kiev also stated that the current state has guaranteed the right to security of living benefits for the categories of citizens and is implemented by local self-government bodies.

Zokrema, Kiev implemented all transfers to the law of benefits and compensation in All programs. In addition, registered VPOs, such as kiyans, can withhold direct payments, guide children to kindergarten and school, provide medical care, social services, etc.

Only under the program “Turbota. Nasustrich kiyanam”, the budget of Kiev provided services to 93 thousand higher education institutions for 107 million UAH. Over 27 thousand children with HPE status are covered for communal lighting, and another 1,700 children are covered for vocational, transport and general lighting.

“To ensure the security of internally displaced persons with housing, which is the biggest problem, Kiev has implemented and launched a small number of projects. For this time-hour living, 113 apartments have been purchased, from which 379 people have been accommodated. Another 567 apartments have been purchased or for lease with the right of transfer to purchase for a line of up to 10 rubles categories, categories and HPOs that require housing. A project is being implemented in Mariupol to provide a timely housing for Mariupol residents near the capital. the village dwellers are not added before settlement, but are repaired or reconstructed at the same time awkwardly,” adding Kiev’s measures.

Klitschko also requested to send an electronic account to VPO and integrate it into the Unified Information Database about internal movements of persons. And also create a unified base of housing and other accommodations suitable for the time-to-hour living of HPO.

In addition, Klitschko encouraged the adoption of a state-targeted program for the provision of housing, called HPO; state program for the integration of higher professional education; the order of inter-unit interaction between the authorities, local self-government, international and community organizations to assist the internal movement of individuals; protocol (mechanism) for assessing demand and collecting data on malware for their further satisfaction with the compliance criteria.

The mayor of Kiev voted that it is necessary to renew the obligatory bonds of public sector officials ( investors) transfer free of charge to municipal authorities A portion of the living quarters has been allocated to the new building to ensure the social living of the people who are entitled to their rights.

It was previously reported that Vitaliy Klitschko initiated the creation of the Kiev platform for the purpose of assistance VPO, which moved to the capital.

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