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Russia recruited as many as 15 thousand Nepalese to take part in the war, – CNN

The Russian Federation recruited as many as 15,000 Nepalese to participate in the war against Ukraine neither. Most of them turned up injured, but, like children, they never turned around.

RBC-Ukraine reported this on CNN.

According to the data, one of the Nepalese volunteers 37 -Richny Ramchandra Khadka recently returned to Nepal after being wounded at the front in Ukraine.

We have learned that, after a lot of greedy scenes, he regrets his decision to join the Kremlin army as a foreign hireling.

“I didn’t go to the Russian army for the sake of satisfaction. I didn’t have enough opportunities to work in Nepal. But looking back, it was the wrong decision. We didn’t think that we would be sent to the front so quickly and how miserable the situation would be,” he said Khadka.

He arrived in Moscow at the spring of the past fate. According to him, after two years of experience, he was sent to the front line in Bakhmut with a basic set.

“Bakhmuta doesn’t have every centimeter of land that wouldn’t have been damaged by bombs. All the trees, bushes, green plantations… they’re gone. Most of the buildings have been destroyed. The situation there is so sad that you want to cry,” – s guesses vin.

The two of them went to Bakhmut and spent one month there. At the hour of another recovery, I removed the stump from the stegno. After he was captured and taken hundreds of meters away from the front line, he was hit by fragments of a cluster bomb.

According to anonymous CNN reports, he is one of the 15,000 Nepalese people who joined the Russian army, after the Russian army last voted for a lucrative package for foreign fighters. may join the forces of the country.

The situation with Nepali Naiman

A politician and a huge activist from Kathmandu, Kritu Bhandari, became the leader of a group of members of families of Nepalese people who are fighting in Russia.

It seems that in the last few years, nearly 2,000 families have died in search of help to contact their unknown loved ones or to turn those who are still trying to get in touch.

Behind My data Ministry of foreign affairs Nepal, four Nepalese fighters are heading to Ukraine as a military insurrection.

The leading opposition Nepalese MP and former Minister of Foreign Affairs Bimala Rai Paudyal stated that four in the upper house of the parliament district, that between 14,000 and 15,000 Nepalese are fighting in front lines, relying on evidence of people who turned back from the combat zone, and calling on the Russian authorities to give these numbers.

The Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs did not respond to CNN's inquiries about the number of Nepalese recruited by the Russian army, and about how many of them have already died.

Russians are recruiting in Well, against the Ukraine of foreigners

As was reported earlier, The Russian military senses a shortage of military personnel to replenish combat expenses, so they are trying to get foreign volunteers for service.

In the meantime, the terrorist country has been recruiting Cuban citizens for the war in Ukraine. The rest were offered high wages, bonuses and allowances.

Also, at the beginning of the day, Nepal issued permission to its citizens to work in Russia and Ukraine. At least 10 Nepalese soldiers were killed during their service in the Russian army.

We also wrote that Nepal recently began to withdraw from Russia and pay compensation for its citizens killed in the war against Ukraine .

Terminovy Read important information about the war between Russia and Ukraine on the RBC-Ukraine Telegram channel.

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