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Support the war. Latvia has decided on those willing to come to vote for the President of the Russian Federation

Latvia will ensure the procedure for holding the presidential elections of the Russian Federation. However, those who come to vote are actually promoting the war against Ukraine.

This was stated by the Minister of Justice of Latvia, Inese Libinya-Egnere, RBC-Ukraine reports from a post on Delfi.

“Embassy The Russian Federation in Latvia is legally the territory of the Russian Federation, so we cannot protect the holding of presidential elections there,” she said.

The minister also added that Latvia cannot restrict access to the embassy to those Russian citizens who are planning to invade its territory.

“What and why is there a stink there – these are the news from the power, such a stink is huge,” she said.

Those who vote – support the war

Latvia does not support this election, The Kremlin wants to carry out the fragments in the occupied territories of Ukraine, the minister explained. Also, the Latvian Ministry of Health, together with the heads of the Ministry of Health of Lithuania and Estonia, is preparing a strong note of protest to define its position and condemn the actions of the Russian Federation.

The Criminal Code of the Republic of Latvia has been given criminal responsibility for justifying war.

“Upon further note of protest, we will inform you that order will be ensured outside the embassy,” Libinya-Egnere explained.

The minister added that the actions of those who came to vote in the election at the Russian Embassy could be seen as supporting Russia's war in Ukraine.

Elections in Russia

In Russia there are three presidential elections days – from 15 to 17 Bereznya 2024 rock. Putin officially announced his intention to change again.

As Reuters wrote, this time Putin could lose power until 2030. Moreover, the press secretary of the Russian President Dmitro Peskov has already stated that Putin will be changed by the result of 90% of the votes.

It recently became clear that Russia has been nominated as a candidate for the presidential election, Borisova Nadezhda. He was recently considered Putin’s “main competitor” in the voting.

Read terms and important information about Russia’s war against Ukraine on the RBC-Ukraine channel in Telegram.

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