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The Czech company will build large defense factories on the territory of Ukraine

The Czechoslovak Group (CSG) plans to invest in the creation of large defense enterprises in territory of Ukraine for support defense sector of our region.

This is reported by RBC-Ukraine via bnn.

According to the words of the company’s leader, Michal Strnad, the main emphasis will be on the production of artillery ammunition. Additionally, the Czechoslovak Group plans to produce in Ukraine also spare parts for armored vehicles, armored steel ones, etc.

With the onset of the large-scale invasion of Russia, the company repaired and modernized T-72 tanks in the Czech Republic ii, and then directed them to Ukraine.

For 2022, the Czechoslovak Group was able to ensure a high level of income, and in fact, plans to invest in other enterprises in the territory of Ukraine.

Do not be fooled by such plans, company representatives ii stick together problems in his life. This is due to the constant shelling of Ukraine, which threatens both the workers and the enterprise itself.

However, the country is optimistic that defense cooperation between Ukraine it is less important to the Czech Republic.

Military assistance of the Czech Republic for Ukraine

At the beginning of 2022, the Czechoslovak Group holding entered into a contract for the modernization of Ukrainian T-64 tanks. Later, other companies began repairing other armored vehicles.

Later, Czech President Petr Pavel announced that his country had found 800 thousand artillery ammunition for the needs of Ukraine. The Allies have already seen all the necessary supplies to purchase this batch of shells.

Meanwhile, the Netherlands imported nine new DITA self-propelled artillery systems from the Czech Republic for Ukraine.

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