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The main thing for Sunday, May 12: attack on Kharkov, almost 150 attacks, explosion in Belgorod

Battles in the Kharkov and Pokrovsky directions, 146 military clashes, enemy shelling. How will the 809th day of a full-scale war be remembered?

The main thing for Sunday, May 12: attack on Kharkov, almost 150 engagements> with Russia </p>
<p class=General Staff of the Armed Forces Ukraine reported that 146 military clashes occurred during the day.

The enemy carried out 6 missile and 57 air strikes, carried out 41 attacks from multiple launch rocket systems on the positions of our troops and populated areas. Russian terrorist attacks have unfortunately resulted in civilian casualties. Multi-storey and private houses, as well as other infrastructure facilities, were destroyed and damaged.

In the Kharkov direction, the enemy carried out 10 attacks in the areas of the settlements of Lukyantsy, Glubokoe, Volchansk, Bugrovatka, Kharkov region. Conducted air strikes in the areas of the settlements of Granov, Liptsy, Veseloye, Neskuchnoye, Staritsa, Zarechnoye, Zeleny Yar, Gontarevka, Tomakhovka, Yurchenkovo, Volchansk, Kharkov region.

In the Pokrovsky direction, our defenders repelled 30 attacks in the areas of the settlements of Novoaleksandrovka, Sokol, Novopokrovskoye, Umanskoye, Yasnobrodovka, Netaylovo, Donetsk region, where the enemy, with the support of aviation, tried to oust our units from their occupied lines.

More details about the operational situation as of 18:00 on May 12 – in our news.

“The Russian army continues to strike at Kharkov and the region, the head of the regional military administration Oleg Sinegubov said on Telegram.

Earlier, the chairman of the OVA emphasized that the enemy continues to fire at civilians in the Kharkov region, and has also started a new stage of offensive operations in the northern direction of the region. This is probably an explosion or a domestic explosion, which Russia is manipulating for its own interests. This was reported by the head of the Center for Countering Disinformation.

“The house in Belgorod appears to have been blown up. The video from the cameras does not show falling objects, therefore, all the Russian accusations of shelling by the Defense Forces are not yet true. Quite similar to a Russian provocation or an information provocation to inflate the situation to justify further attacks on residential buildings Ukrainian cities,” says Kovalenko’s message.

He notes that it could probably have been a domestic explosion, which Russian propaganda is now trying to spin in its own interests as a shelling of a house.

Putin appointed Andrei Belousov as Minister of Defense instead of Sergei Shoigu. At the same time, the executive officer of the Russian Ministry of Defense took the place of Secretary of the Security Council instead of Nikolai Patrushev.

This is stated in the message of the Federation Council of the Russian Federation.

Details – in the news .

The most complete picture of today is on our website. We hope that tomorrow there will be more good news.

Let's hold on and bring Victory closer!


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