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They write about the downing of a Tu-22M3 near the Kursk region. Chi Mozhlivo Tse: Thoughts of Experts

On the mass missile attacks in Ukraine on the 29th, information has appeared about a new attack. Iyskiy strategic Tu-22M3 bomber over the Kursk region (RF). There is no official confirmation.

RBC-Ukraine explained how realistic it is to shoot down such a plane over Russian territory.

During the preparation of the material, the following were used: publications Ukrainian Telegram publics, comments dzherela in the Defense Forces, as well as military experts Oleksandra Kovalenko and Oleksandra Musienka.

What to write about

A whole small number of Ukrainian Telegram-publics reported about the possible impact of the flight. According to these data, the board of Raptov was detected from radars.

Journalist Andriy Tsaplienko posted a screenshot, possibly, from one of the Russian channels.

“Information has emerged about the shooting down of a Tu-22M3, which was actively launching missiles across Ukraine. It is likely that it will reach the 52nd important bomber aviation regiment, which killed civilians near Kremenchutsya, Uman and the Dnieper,” we verify “, wrote Vin.< /em>

Significantly, the Russian Telegram channel Fighterbomber, which is one of the first to notify about the loss of aviation, wait for now.

What is known about the Tu-22M3 aircraft

The supersonic Tu-22M3 bomber has been stagnating since the first months of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Zokrem, for strikes with X-22 missiles, one flight can take on board up to three such missiles.

The Tu-22M3 build can rise to a maximum altitude of approximately 13,000 meters, develops a speed of up to 2,300 km/year, and a flight range of estimated 6,800 km. Kh-22 missiles can engage targets at a distance of up to 600 km, they develop a velocity of up to over 4,000 km/year, reaching a terminal range of up to over 2,000 km/year and attacking targets behind a ballistic trajectory I have an altitude of about 60 km.

All this in the complex allows for a significant proximity to the cordon of Ukraine and, obviously, does not go within the radius of our anti-aircraft defense. It's no secret that the capabilities of Ukrainian software are expanding.

How can Ukraine shoot such a plane?

Theoretically, yes. According to the words of the military-political observer of the “Information Against” group Oleksandr Kovalenko, something similar was implemented in the grass.

“It is entirely possible to shoot down a Tu-22 near the Kursk region. However, it is necessary to wait for official notifications and then begin to work on all sorts of basic steps. Similar types of operations are taking place in our country. or carried out at the grass, if at the same time near the Bryansk region there were downed Su-34 and Su- 35, two helicopters REB Mi-8MTPR-1 and one Mi-8″, – according to the commentary of RBC-Ukraine.

From the Kursk region, Tu-22M3 planes are not the first to attack. Obviously, the Ukrainian forces are in doubt, they are based, the stars are flying and what is the approximate trajectory of the flight. Strategic aviation of this type is based at the airfields “Shaikovka” (Kaluzka region), “Soltsi” (Novgorod region) and “Mozdok” (Pivnichna Ossetia), explains Oleksandr Musienko, a senior official at the Center for Military-Legal Investigations.

“Z Based on the fact that they have long been stagnant in Russia, we can conclude that all the necessary information is available. In principle, we can evaluate and evaluate their capabilities. such a board. If we are talking about Patriot, then they will outshine targets at a distance of 80 km,” he said in his voice.

In other words, if a flyer approaches such a position, then with the help of an air defense missile system he can cross it.

“We have seen a surge of flights over the occupied territories and hover over the Black Sea over the past year. And we assume that ours possibilities are expanding. Therefore, I cannot turn off the fact that in this case there is a special operation going on, which was carried out by these data and the demonstrators that I am talking about. And on the right, behind the technology, it is not a fact that we know about it in detail,” the expert added .

From this point of view, the news about the possible overcrowding of long-range aviation can be called unfounded, since the enemy is also aware of the capabilities of the air defense system in the abandoned Ukraine. Even at the same time as missile attacks, long-range radar detection (AWACS) flights take off, carrying out intensive reconnaissance.

“Also, as it turns out, the Patriot can get very loud. And this is visible on the butt, if Russia will bombard Kiev with ballistic missiles missiles: there is no longer any concern about the current situation, but Patriot missiles are just about to come out,” said Musienko.

How could Russia itself have shot down its Tu-22M3?

RBC-Ukraine experts doubt this.

“I don’t think that friendly fire (friendly fire, – ed.) is possible, because the goal is very great. And it is important for the Russian PPO to have mercy, mistaking it for some kind of Ukrainian object. It’s a great flight, which is difficult to confuse, for example, with the Ukrainian MIG-29 and what kind of drone,” said Oleksandr Kovalenko.

In Musienka’s opinion, the Russians are definitely small Find out what this flight is on the radar.

“It seems to me that there is a storm. But I doubt that this will be a friendly fire,” adding wine to the Russians.

RBC-Ukraine went crazy for a comment to the defense forces.

“It’s possible that the Russian PPO sprang inadvertently. We don’t know why these Tu-22MZ planes showed up on the radar,” said one of the spies.

Report about the Tu-22MZ aircraft and about those who stink to threaten Ukraine, read in the following material.

Russia France on the 29th suffered the heaviest blow to parts of Ukraine with the onset of a large-scale invasion in 2022. France reported the launch of over a hundred missiles, and the attacks continued throughout the day.

The report reported the death of nearly 20 people. Dozens more were injured. The attacks destroyed Kiev, Dnipro, Lviv, Kharkiv, Zaporizhzhya, Odessa, Konotop and Smila.

RBC-Ukraine also published photos of the remains of tidal waves in Ukrainian places.

< p>Read terms and important information about the war between Russia and Ukraine on the RBC-Ukraine channel on Telegram.

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