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Thousands of flights have been completed. Germany has a strike for Lufthansa flight attendants

In Germany, a strike has been issued for flight attendants of the Lufthansa airline, through any possible tens of thousands of passengers could be harmed. 12th strike strike at Frankfurt airport, 13th strike at Munich airport.

Nearly thousands of flights may be affected by the strike, RBC-Ukraine reports from reports on Bild.

Professional flight information Dnikov Ufo called There are close to 19 thousand flight attendants from Lufthansa and its subsidiary Cityline until the strike. A professional worker receives 15% more pay for an 18-month contract. There are also negotiations for a compensation bonus of 3000 euros and other allowances.

Strike 12 February at the largest airport in Germany near Frankfurt am Main is scheduled until 23:00. Book all Lufthansa flights. Previously, the airline assumed that 600 flights would be affected by the strike at Frankfurt am Main, which is approximately 70,000 passengers.

13th strike of flight attendants' scheduling at Munich Airport. It is obviously impossible for 400 flights with 50 thousand passengers to fly.

Last year, passenger transport may have paralyzed Lufthansa ground staff through a pre-chewing strike.

Guess what, we wrote, that Nimechchina has got a damn big scale strike on the climb. This was carried out by a professional survey of GDL traction drivers.

Similarly, last year, Germany was struck by the drivers of the air handling company Deutsche Bahn and the ground workers of the airline Lufthansa.

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