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Ukraine plans new counter-offensive: Sullivan names key brains

After withdrawing US military aid worth 61 billion dollars, Ukraine will try to and a new counterattack in 2025 efforts to eliminate Russia from the removal of additional advantages to its fate.

This was stated by the US President's National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan, RBC-Ukraine reported in a statement to the Financial Times.

Vin noted , which still sees “Russian progress in the near future” on the battlefield while praising the country’s new US funding package, since “you can’t immediately switch off the chemical supply.”

Appearing at the FT Weekend festival in Washington on Saturday, May 4, Sullivan noted that with the new support of Washington, Kiev will be able to “strengthen the line” to 2024 and “guarantee that Ukraine can resist Russian th atatsi”.

Indicating a doom-and-gloom war scenario, Sullivan said that Ukraine plans to “push forward and reclaim the territory that the Russians took from it.”

The evidence suggests that such comments are not uncommon By this articulation of the White House, how to escalate the conflict once Joe Biden is re-elected as president at the end of the fall.

It is also indicated that Ukraine’s new offensive in 2025 will depend on increased funding and the praise by Congress and the White House of new financial assistance packages.

Counter-offensive ZSU

Ukrainian Gardeners do not include what the Defense Forces will be able to do in 2025 turn the situation at the front.

In the fiercest moment, President Volodymyr Zelensky announced the preparation of the ZSU for a new counter-offensive. However, the defenders remain on the defensive.

At Kvitna, Zelensky announced the launch of a plan for a new counter-offensive, otherwise to lie behind a large number of armored forces facing the United States.

American General Ben Godges noted that o As of today, Ukraine is not ready for a large-scale counterattack. However, it is noted that Kiev can eliminate the effect of inconsistency for the enemy.

According to ISW forecasts, until the end of the day, the Defense Forces will stabilize the front and begin to encircle the counterattack.

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