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Kuleba spoke about the damage to Ukraine’s energy sector, pointing to the “real disaster” of this war

ByJohn Newman

May 3, 2024

The head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Dmitry Kuleba said that the Russian Armed Forces damaged half of the Ukrainian energy sector using the “real disaster” of this war – ballistic strikes.

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<img title="Kuleba spoke about the damage to Ukraine's energy sector, pointing out the "real disaster" of this war , pointing to the "real disaster" of this war half of our country's energy system. According to the head of the Foreign Ministry, Russian strikes with such weapons on Ukraine are a “real disaster” of this war, NBN reports with reference to the American publication Foreign Policy.

The minister noted that if another state had experienced such a scale destruction of energy facilities, it would look worse than our country. However, Ukraine is holding on because it has learned a lot.

The head of the Foreign Ministry said that every missile of the Russian Armed Forces that hits an energy facility deprives the residents of our country of electricity. If an enemy strike kills a civilian, it is because someone did not provide Kyiv with air defense systems or an interceptor to help the country defend itself against air terror.

Kuleba stressed that for now the Russian dictator remains in the Kremlin Vladimir Putin, the United States will not be able to allow any independent relations with a terrorist state.

The diplomat also explained why the Russian Federation did not receive an invitation from Ukraine to the Global Peace Summit.


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