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The CNS told why the “authorities” of Mariupol compile lists of “undesirable” Ukrainians

ByJohn Newman

May 10, 2024

The occupation administration began to form registers of residents of temporarily captured Mariupol, intending to later deny such “unreliable” citizens the opportunity to live.

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Photo – sprotyv.mod.gov.ua

About the fact that, apparently, the Russian “authorities” are not only preparing mass deportation of people included in these registries, but also maintain similar lists regarding those who will not be able to return to the nearest time, writes NBN, referring to the material of the Center of National Resistance (CNS).

As the resistance movement learned, due to various life circumstances, 600 citizens managed to return to the city, but because The occupiers are afraid of the return of the “agent network” of the Defense Forces, then and are actively creating a corresponding register.

The compilation of the above lists confirms another crime of the Russian Federation, when residents are allowed to return to their hometown, which was before  ;was destroyed by Putin’s army, due to the anti-human policies of the Kremlin.

Instead of Ukrainians, ethnic Russians and people from Central Asia are being intensively imported to Mariupol, transforming the demographic composition of the population.

Earlier we wrote that the CNS told the details of the execution of the invaders by a Ukrainian who was mobilized into Putin’s army.


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