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They didn’t just wake up one day and remember the CSTO – Pashinyan told when Armenia would leave the organization

ByJohn Newman

Mar 12, 2024

The head of the Armenian government, Nikol Pashinyan, said that Yerevan is waiting for the CSTO to name the area of ​​responsibility of its partners in its country. If the authorities do not receive an answer to this question, the state will leave the regional association.

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We didn’t just wake up one day and remember the CSTO – Pashinyan told when Armenia will leave the organization

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Pashinyan recalled that his country has “frozen” its participation in the CSTO, since Yerevan demands its partners to tell what area of ​​responsibility organizations in Armenia, NBN reports with reference to the Novosti-Armenia publication.

According to the politician, the issue of the zone of responsibility did not appear out of nowhere and the Armenian authorities “didn’t just wake up one day and remember” about the organization . Initially, the territory of the country was declared as a “red line” for the Russian Federation and the CSTO.

However, as the head of government recalled, during Azerbaijan’s incursions into the territory of his state in 2021 and 2022, Yerevan’s organizing partners did not take steps provided for by the charter.

The Prime Minister emphasized that if the CSTO tells where their zone of responsibility for Armenia is and the answer corresponds to the ideas of Yerevan, the issue will be closed. Otherwise, the country will leave the organization.

Earlier, Pashinyan spoke about Armenia joining NATO.


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