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KOLA showed footage from its secret wedding for the first time

Ukrainian singer KOLA, who gained fame thanks to her hits such as “People”, “At the Heart” and “Or Together”, pleasantly surprised fans by publishing photos from her secret wedding on her blog. It turns out that the performer got married last year, writes WomanEL.

In the published photographs, KOLA can be seen wearing a white corset with a light green skirt, departing from traditional wedding attire. She chose not to wear a veil and left her hair down. As an accessory, the singer chose a gray watch on her wrist. Her smile in the photo indicates happiness and joy at this moment in her life.

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One of the photos also shows KOLA's mom helping her put on her corset, creating a touching moment in preparation for the ceremony. Previously, the artist said that her chosen one named Vyacheslav is a Ukrainian, born in Dnieper, but has been living in Israel for a long time. She added that they got married in Prague with family in 2023.

KOLA goes beyond tradition by choosing white corset with a light green skirt at her wedding. Source: instagram.com/kola__official

KOLA had never dreamed of marrying a foreigner before, and this decisive step in her life happened completely by accident. Now she has to live between two countries – Israel and Ukraine. The star leaves the details of her personal life secret, not showing the face of her lover.

By the way, recently Alyona Alyona, Jerry Heil and KOLA presented a joint song.

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