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5 Key Signs of a Healthy Metabolism and Why It's So Important

In 2024, we all understand the impact poor blood sugar control can have on our hunger, energy levels and overall health. But while this is important, our body's ability to break down sugar and manage its presence in the blood is only part of a larger system – our metabolism. But what is a healthy metabolism? How to understand that yours is exactly like this?

ContentWhat is a healthy metabolism? Why is a healthy metabolism important? What are the main signs of a healthy metabolism?

The world of metabolic health and “boosting” our metabolism has a dark past when it comes to food culture. But a healthy, functioning metabolism is still important for overall well-being. WomanEL will share with you the advice of Dr. Luke Powles.

What is a healthy metabolism?

< p>Before we begin, let's define what exactly we are talking about when we say metabolism. Although many people believe that metabolism is a measure of the rate at which the body burns calories, this is not entirely true. Instead, your metabolism describes how your body uses food and nutrients to produce energy and how your cells use that energy.

Thus, a healthy metabolism means that your body creates and uses energy in an optimal way. “A healthy metabolism means your body can efficiently digest and absorb nutrients from the food you eat in a way that keeps your blood sugar, blood fats, insulin, and inflammation levels at healthy levels,” explains Dr. Powles.

While there is no exact “meter” for metabolism (meaning you can't give it a number), measuring the areas that are affected by our metabolic function can give healthcare professionals a good idea of ​​whether your metabolism is functioning well.

< p>During routine checkups or when checking for specific health conditions, healthcare providers may perform a series of tests and measurements to gain insight into your metabolic health. These assessments may include measuring your blood sugar, testing your blood lipid profile (levels of various fats in your blood, such as cholesterol and triglycerides), and checking your blood pressure and waist circumference. By considering these various factors together, healthcare providers can provide you with an assessment of your metabolic health.

Why is a healthy metabolism important?

There's more to healthy metabolism than just weight control, although that's one of the main reasons it's discussed. In fact, the state of your metabolism can have far-reaching consequences for your health.

“Efficient metabolism is important. Because it is essential for taking nutrients from your diet and converting them into the energy your body needs to function properly,” explains Dr. Powles. “Maintaining a healthy metabolism can reduce your risk of developing chronic diseases. These include type 2 diabetes, heart disease, non-alcoholic fatty liver disease and some types of cancer.

Dr. Powles continues: “As you age, your metabolic rate naturally decreases. But a balanced lifestyle with proper nutrition and regular exercise can help mitigate this process.”

What are the main signs of a healthy metabolism?

Having the energy and strength to exercise means you have a good metabolism, Source: freepik.com

In addition to healthy levels of the factors mentioned above, there are several key signs that your metabolism is working properly.

  • Maintaining a weight that is appropriate for your height (i.e., your weight does not fluctuate).
  • < li>Feeling more energetic throughout the day (eg, no sudden peaks or valleys).

  • Eating a well-balanced diet rich in protein, fruits and vegetables, with limited cravings for high-sugar or fatty foods.
  • Have enough energy to exercise regularly.
  • Have a clear, functioning mind.

Ultimately, most signs of a healthy metabolism are simply good well-being. After all, metabolism affects almost all systems of the body – after all, every cell needs energy. However, if you have a reason to worry about your metabolic health – perhaps you're always tired or have extreme food cravings – it's worth visiting your GP.

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