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Alexander Rudinsky spoke about the Soviet trail in the Ukrainian theater

The young talented theater and film actor Alexander Rudinsky recently became a guest of Masha Efrosinina’s “Exam” program. In a frank conversation, he shared his opinions about the remnants of “Sovietism” in the Ukrainian theater, writes WomanEL.

According to the presenter, almost all performances based on Russian works have been removed, and the Russian language has not been heard in theaters for a long time. The popular actor answered the question whether there are still Soviet manuals that are still taught today.

I don’t know, maybe someone there remembers: “But Stanislavsky in ’96…”. Maybe there is something like that, I don’t know. Well, I don’t remember that,

the actor noted.

Alexander Rudinsky. Source: Instagram

Rudinsky’s career has changed direction since the beginning of the full-scale invasion. He became the star of top theatrical performances, and not just TV series and films. Also, after the start of the war, the actor left his love for Russian culture in the past, and now communicates exclusively in Ukrainian.

I swear I forgot what I saw and read and listened to, everything that associated with Russia. I don’t give any examples or quotes in everyday life. And before I was able to do this in full – to quote some performance or some acting work. I just lived for it. And then just oops and disappeared, Sasha admitted.

Despite his commitment to Ukrainian culture, Alexander Rudinsky still uses several techniques from the Russian actor Mikhail Chekhov in his work and teaching. According to his works, the actor studied at the university, and he does not regret his action.

< p>Recently I conducted acting training for students and I gave some exercises. According to Chekhov, but this is not Anton Pavlovich Chekhov, this is Mikhail Alexandrovich Chekhov. He had his own book called “On the Actor’s Technique.” There were some interesting exercises that were given in order to expand your worldview and know much more methods of how to get results, let's call it that. I gave several exercises and I don’t regret it, because these are very useful exercises, here,

the actor said.

Alexander also emphasized that now it’s strange for him and his wife to watch the video and remember everything Russian. He thinks this is a good sign, this is great, because we are making progress throughout the country. We previously wrote that Alexander Rudinsky played a scumbag in the Netflix series.

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