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Without compromising your figure: how to make pancakes more dietary

Pancakes are considered tasty, but not the best option for breakfast. But if you cook them correctly, they will even turn out to be dietary. WomanEL tells you how to have a satisfying breakfast with pancakes without compromising your figure.

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According to Elle, the easiest way to make pancakes more filling is to increase the amount of protein. You can add regular Greek yogurt or cottage cheese to the dough instead of the milk or liquid in the recipe. If the dough is too thick, thin it with a little water.

Protein powder

You can use protein powder to increase the protein content. Replace one cup of flour with a third of a cup of protein powder and two-thirds of a cup of flour.

Depending on the type of protein powder, additional liquid may be required to achieve the desired consistency.

How to make pancakes more dietary… Source : pinterest.com


Reducing the amount of sugar, a large amount of which can have a negative effect on the body, will be very useful for pancakes and your figure. There are healthier sugar substitutes that taste just as good.

Try the sweetener stevia, a plant extract that tastes like sugar but contains no calories. Just lightly sprinkle your pancakes with this powder, since it is 200 times sweeter than sugar.

Instead of maple syrup or honey, you can try agave nectar. This syrup has gained popularity as a healthy sugar substitute. It is lower in calories and contains fewer carbohydrates than honey.


Today you can find There are many non-trivial and healthy options for regular flour, which is better to avoid. For example, the taste of pancakes based on almond, coconut or any other nut flour only benefits.

If you don’t have alternative types of flour on hand, you can use oatmeal. To prepare it, you just need to grind the oatmeal in a blender.

Fruit will improve the taste and won't add many calories. Source: pinterest.com


A variety of fruits will help make pancakes sweet, healthy and without damaging your figure. They add a lot of flavor without adding many calories.

Simply toss a handful of blueberries onto your pancake batter. This way they will turn into a healthy breakfast, because the berries are rich in nutritional fiber and vitamins.

For added flavor, you can sprinkle the pancakes with raspberries or blackberries. If you want something sweeter, try dried fruits: raisins, dates, figs or prunes. It is fashionable to add strawberries or wild strawberries. Banana also goes well with pancakes, whether you use it as a filling or as part of the batter.

Salted version

Savory, salty versions of pancakes are not only delicious, but also healthy. Try adding a poached egg and grilled bacon to your pancake for breakfast. Chicken and mushrooms can serve as a protein filling. Add some green onions and garlic for extra flavor.

Do not deny yourself the delicacy. Source: pinterest.com

Use spinach or lettuce (an additional source of iron), chili peppers for heat and improve metabolism, and crunchy bell peppers for improved immunity. You can add your favorite herbs and spices to the dough to make it more flavorful.


Special oils are an excellent option for healthy pancakes for breakfast. For savory unsweetened pancakes, “Oleina” with herbs is perfect, which can be added to the dough.

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