• 23/07/2024 01:06

Reached a record high: how and how much Ukraine’s public debt grew during the war

 Достиг рекордной отметки: как и насколько вырос государственный долг Украины во время войны

The Ministry of Finance of Ukraine noted an increase in the total Ukrainian public debt.

Ukraine's total public debt in November 2023 increased by $4.48 billion. The amount of debt rose to a record $140.82 billion.

Such data was made public by the Ministry of Finance.

In November, the country's state and state-guaranteed debt increased by 164.27 billion in hryvnia equivalent and by 4.48 billion in dollars.

“State and state-guaranteed debt amounted to 5,122.49 billion hryvnia or $140.82 billion, including: state and state-guaranteed external debt – 512.77 billion hryvnia (68.58% of the total amount of state and state-guaranteed debt), or $96.57 billion. State and state-guaranteed domestic debt – 1609.72 billion hryvnia (31.42%), or $44.25 billion,” the department said in a statement.

Let us remind you that the International Monetary Fund predicts that Ukraine’s total public debt at the end of this year will grow to 88.1% of GDP. Next year, according to experts, public debt will grow to 98.6% of GDP, and will reach a peak value of 100.7% in 2025, after which it will begin to gradually decrease.


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