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Border blocking: Romanian farmers unblocked one of the checkpoints

Romanian farmers have stopped blocking the movement of trucks near the Vikovuyu de Sus checkpoint on the border with Ukraine. This was reported by the State Border Service of Ukraine.

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“The blocking of truck traffic in front of the Vikovuyu de Sus checkpoint, which is opposite the Ukrainian checkpoint Krasnoilsk, has been suspended. The passage of all vehicles is carried out as usual,” the message says.

Border guards also noted that at the Krasnoilsk checkpoint, only empty cargo vehicles are allowed to cross the state border of Ukraine with Romania.


Romanian protesters are blocking two more checkpoints with Ukraine – Siret-Porubnoye and Halmeu-Dyakovo, despite reaching an agreement with the government.

January 16 Ministry Agriculture of Romania and representatives of the main agricultural organizations reached an agreement, as a result of which several demands of farmers who protested for six days and blocked the border with Ukraine were met.

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