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Eurozone inflation accelerated in December for the first time since April

In December 2023, consumer prices in the eurozone increased by 2.9% in annual terms, according to a report by the European Union statistical office Eurostat.

Inflation in the eurozone accelerated in December for the first time since April

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Accelerating inflation

Inflation in the eurozone accelerated for the first time since April. In November it was 2.4%.

The decline in energy prices in the region in December slowed to 6.7% in annual terms from 11.5% in November, inflation in the service sector remained at 4% .

The cost of food, alcohol and tobacco products increased in December by 6.1% (6.9% in November), industrial products – by 2.5% (2.9%).

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Increasing prices excluding the cost of food and energy (CPI Core index) in December slowed to the lowest since March 2022, 3.4% from 3.6% a month earlier. These data also coincided with the preliminary assessment and forecasts of experts.

Consumer prices in the euro area increased by 0.2% last month compared to November, when they decreased by 0.6%.

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