• 13/06/2024 03:32

Monobank now has the function of friendly “Cans”

Monobank now has the function of friendly “Cans” with your own progress for meeting together. It was announced by the co-founder of the financial institution, Oleg Gorokhovsky, in his message on Telegram.

Oleg Gorokhovsky also explained how exactly the new function will work:

    the organizer of the collection creates “Bank”, as usual; you follow the link and click “Join the collection”; set a goal and provide your own link to the collection; the money arrives immediately in the organizer’s “Bank”, and you see your own collection progress.

“That is, now it is easier for the organizers of friendly meetings to hold them, and they don’t have to worry whether all the friends have handed over what they have collected. Moreover, if a person responds to your collection, then he can become friendly even without your participation!” – added the co-founder of monobank.

He also called for updating the application so that the function gains momentum.


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