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Sense Bank summarizes banking indicators for 2023

At the end of the year, Sense Bank traditionally shares its achievements and indicators. Analysis of key business areas indicates an increase in the trust of current and potential clients in Sense Bank. In 2023, the bank managed to improve its main positions and ensure further growth.

Sense Bank summed up banking indicators for 2023

Sense Bank

    +454,384 new Sense cards

2023 is in many ways the starting year for Sense Bank: the first full year after rebranding, several months of state status – in general, the changes were profound and noticeable. Statistics show that these changes are attractive to customers: in 2023, a new card was created on average every 1.15 minutes.

    398,563 open deposits

This is one of the key indicators of any bank, and in 2023, the number of deposits in Sense Bank increased by more than 50% compared to 2022. You can check the available deposit options on the website.

    22+ million p2p transactions

Every minute in 2023, the bank recorded an average of 42 card-to-card transfers. Towards the end of the year, it became even more convenient to do this, because transfers turned into a messenger.

    5 years of Cash'u Club

During this time, 740,000 people managed to take advantage of the loyalty program and received 610 million hryvnia cashback in real money to the account and 3388 prizes won: every 83rd Cash'u Club member won something at least once.

Sense SuperApp

    25 updates digital bank

The development team kept the update dynamic “about once every 2 weeks.” In 2023, Sense SuperApp maintained stable operation, improved existing functionality and received new ones.

    73 new functions

The main novelty is a financial messenger: the money transfer logic was created anew, thus becoming even simpler and more visual. Other configurations concern almost all sections of the digital bank.


    UAH 63 million of direct banking assistance to the front

With this money, Sense Bank specifically helped the defenders of Ukraine to more effectively destroy the enemy and take better care of themselves. The start of the assistance initiative was announced on the website almost a year ago. In 2023, the main item of bank purchases for the front was drones – perhaps the “hottest” weapon of this period of the war.

    176+ million UAH of customer donations

They can be made on a special page in Sense SuperApp.

    Bonds worth almost 5 billion hryvnia

This is a brilliant tool that is beneficial for all parties: the state receives money and directly uses it in the warring economy of Ukraine, and the client who invested it, after the agreed period, receives the invested amount + dividends.

Sense Hub co-working network

    27+ thousand visitors

The network of creative coworking spaces has existed for several years and has managed to acquire a core of passionate fans who know the addresses by heart: Yaroslaviv Val, 7 in Kyiv and Rynok Square, 26 in Lviv. Sense card owners receive several free tickets every month, the availability of which can be checked directly in the Sense SuperApp.

    132 events

There has never been such a density of events as in 2023. Art exhibitions, charity fairs, concerts, book exchange days, tournaments for gamers, quests and even film screenings have been added to the usual lectures and master classes.

Bonus facts

    940+ thousand conversations with the team support

In all available channels: text chat, phone and video chat.

    1+ billion UAH under the “Affordable loans 5-7-9%” program

Sense Bank joined the program in September 2023. The indicators in other government programs, of which Sense Bank becomes an active partner, are also interesting: 22+ thousand clients used the “єUpdating” functions in 7 months, and the number of new clients in “єOselya” exceeded 15 thousand people.

    3,530,290 Cash'u bonuses on the Armed Forces of Ukraine

One of the first “military” functions of Sense SuperApp at the end of February and beginning of March 2022 was the ability to directly transfer accumulated bonuses to the needs of defenders of Ukraine. In 2023, this made 53,460 Sense Bank clients for the amount indicated above.

    48 Sense cards ordered from abroad

Let us remind you that now Ukrainians can order plastic Sense cards from countries of the civilized world, and Sense Bank and its partners quickly deliver them. The top 5 directions for the new “plastic” so far are Poland, Germany, Georgia, Bulgaria, France.

    26 branches in zones of constant shelling

Indestructible colleagues work in Kharkov, Dnieper, Zaporozhye, Nikopol, Chuguev and Kherson. Let us separately remember our colleagues from Pokrovsky: this is the first branch of Sense Bank, which opened in the Donetsk region after the full-scale invasion and already serves more than 5 thousand Donetsk residents. The current list of all operating Sense Bank branches can be found at the link.

    54% of branches in the Power Banking program

Sense Bank’s participation in this program for 2023 was expanded far beyond the limits of the NBU standard in 35% – now there are 75 branches, including 53 universal and 22 in the Epicenter network. Here is a list of them.

Glory to Ukraine! Happy New Year!


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