• 25/05/2024 00:14

Since the beginning of the year, State Financial Monitoring has identified suspicious transactions worth almost 22 billion

The State Financial Monitoring Service identified in the first quarter of 2024 financial transactions that may be related to the laundering of funds and the commission of a criminal offense for a total amount of UAH 21.8 billion.

Gosfinmonitoring has identified suspicious transactions of almost 22 billion since the beginning of the year

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In relation to such operations, 273 materials were sent to law enforcement agencies (148 generalized materials and 125 additional generalized materials).

In particular, 64 materials related to suspicion of corruption were sent to law enforcement agencies. In these materials, the amount of financial transactions is UAH 6.9 billion.

At the same time, the State Financial Monitoring Service has generally stopped financial transactions and blocked funds in the equivalent of more than UAH 2.1 billion.

Also in Law enforcement officers sent 38 materials related to the identification of financial transactions and persons involved in the financing of terrorism/separatism, military aggression by the Russian Federation against Ukraine, a violent change or overthrow of the constitutional order or the seizure of state power, changing the boundaries of a territory or state border.


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